Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I was initially surprised to read this blog posting at the Attention Trust about a member re assessing their commitment to the concept of Attention. However, after some thought I understood their issues and I believe two factor will help the advancement of the attention cause.

1. More debate on the intellectual concept of attention.

2. More practical relevance to every day lifestyles and to business.

I'll expand on point 2. in the context of my start up www.healthXY.com . Lets assume we have launched our service and are empowering baby boomers to live their chosen lifestyle and to minimizing their risk of developing chronic heart disease. It's working great for the boomer and they hear of another new start up that is providing a cancer prevention service. From the baby boomers point of view they have invested a lot of time to capture their lifestyle data and bio profile that is used to personalize the delivery of information that supports their chronic heart disease prevention services. If we did not adhere to the concepts of Attention: the data belonging to the individual, they probably would not sign up to the cancer prevention service. Why? This is obviously not an optimal status for the baby boomer and that is a lost opportunity for the start up. Maybe even to the whole of society as the start up fails due to lack of demand due to the structural silo isolation of the data held at our service. This is not the world we want to create, therefore, our service will enable the baby boomer to export the data they want and import it into the cancer prevention service. Both businesses should also enable the baby boomer to combine the logic of our software and User Interface to create a seamless and easy to use service and experience for the baby boomer.

I believe we need to build a whole portfolio of practical uses for the individual and business. www.root.net focuses on the mortgage market and provides an exchange of all attention data.

More examples will follow.

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Identity: Read Kaliya Hamlin's, Identity Woman blog to find out more about her and other efforts to empower your identity online.

Attention: It your attention, own it and empower yourself with the help of the Attention Trust or Interra Project.