Monday, July 30, 2007

Creation cycles (supply chains retired)

Demand and supply are the vocabulary of the economics of monetary capitalism. An industrial economic model that is so good (successful) at making stuff a whole industry almost as large has been created to help distribute (sell) the stuff. And that is where the supply chain finished, with a sale, OK some service contract tagged on to monetize a financial service commission.

In the abundance economy, lead by the digitialists, supply chains have not end, (nor beginning) they are all cycles, cycles of information creating new information that turn into the stuff we need. And really need, want, desire, necessities etc. etc.

Creation cycles are the new demand and supply.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Organising demand & VRM

The supply side of the economy is well organised. Small businesses to the largest corporations have the ability to deploy employees, technology and capital/money to put together their offering in a supply chain. Massive silos of data surround these activities.

All the supply in the world is meaningless without demand. Demand is not well organised today. An individual, yes can have employess working for them, yes has access to technology, yes can have access to capital/money but all not on the scale of a business. Plus the main point is, from an individuals point of view, you would need to create a corporations capability for multiple industries, food, energy, transport etc. Why, life dictates the need for these services and products every day.

There is an industry that wants to solve this multiple service management issue, they call it VRM, Vendor Relationship Management.

Within the VRM framework there will be the need to provide not only this multiple vendor management interface (why would you want a different 'flavour of tool' for every service/product you need to manage?) but also tools that allow individuals to build/find/share information with other individuals i.e. social networks.

Social networks within VRM will look and feel like existing social networks but I don't foresee a world that you belong to a myspace or facebook or flickr sized for all the activities within VRM but you could if you needed to.

This organising of demand is just starting. We can look to the supply side to see what can be done. Demand will become as well organised as the supply side and I don't think it will take centuries to get there.

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