Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Supply chain time travel PART 1

In the next few postings I am going to discuss the topic I call, Supply Chain Time Travel. I'll talk through the evolutionary path I see from the Industrial Revolution to the present day ( approaching 12 on the clock metaphor) and then a look ahead to 3 O'Clock. Next posting, the Industrial Evolution.

Social networks beats Search (more)

A saying I use a lot these days. I have written about this before on one of my blogs but I had not thought deeper about why this would be the case. I think I have an answer.

I made the point last time that by using the term, 'social network' I was not referring exclusively to web2.0 websites, they are still at a primitive stage of evolution. I mean the personal interactions with individuals, whether be in person, land line or online call, email etc. It is that social network that find s the best information. People, people in the network are processing information that I do not have. People have great processing abilities and we can input impressive amounts of data from our senses, sight dominating information flow to the brain but all the other senses contribute. A machine + a bit of software code, is not on this level, well not yet. But even when they are it will be the priorities set by our social network interactions that biases the rules by which we want to receive information on. Our Senses give the social network the lead over key word search processing power.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Profit on the march

Today's use of the word profit has a definition that has become too narrow; money left after sales income minus expenditures. This is an extremely narrow definition. In Volition Science the word 'profit' is defined a lot broader, profit includes intellectual capital creation. This is a much more natural definition of the word.

Society is quite happy for a monetary value to be placed on commercial activities, mainly with a material object is at stake, e.g. a car to a human in a recruitment business. The one area where an Intangible services is making high monetary profits is online with targeted ad's. In effect the companies serving up these links are selling our attention data. Conclusion, the current world is expanding the meaning of profit, the first little steps and as the volume of attention data expands then that in itself will be where this expand profit definition will take hold. What will be the new currency after money? Influence?, it will be an intangible but as measurable as cash is today but the big difference being the biggest profits will be had in services derived from intellectual capital, the thoughts in your head minus the thoughts is another persons head. Step by step this will become the norm.

Profits natural definition and meaning is to value life, not physical token of exchange we call money, cash, cheques, digital cash etc.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Volition Science An introduction

Across on my personal blog, I wrote a posting on Volition . The book in question, Sic Itur Ad Astra by Galambos, Andrew J. I am now a few chapters in and have read more pages out of sequence. There is a lot to blog on and given the 'Power of the Individual' is key to volition science I have decided the natural home for my thoughts on Volition Science will be this blog.

What Andrew Galambos does in the first few chapters (lessons, the book is based on his lectures) is give precise definitions of words. You may agree or disagree with those but given what they are it allows for a robust intellectual framework. That framework, can create a 'natural society'
. I'll post on topics along the way to that conclusion.

But to conclude for now, I found it interesting reading the book review comments, 5 stars all the way.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Saturday, January 06, 2007

life capitalism

I am not sure whey I have not linked these words together before, life capitalism. Monetary capitalism has brought us thus far, it has been successful but reaching its limit of success. Life Capitalism has the intellectual framework to drive society forward, much further forward and under the rules of attention that we are just starting to understand.

More on this to come.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

spinning too fast for money

P.Q = M.V

Brings me back to my days at University and monetary economics lectures. I listened to Michael Goldhaber at BayChi on the Emerging Attention Economy in July 2006 and one of his slides showed how in an attention economy, the number of transaction that happen are exponentially greater in volume than those in the current monetary/market based economy. I have been thinking about that slide and that lead me to recall the above equation. If you want some back ground on it, read the wikipedia entry.

are The half I was thinking about was the M.V and in particular the V. The velocity at which the speed of money needs to move. M is the amount of money in circulation. Then for economic progress to be made, lets simply say, that requires the number to get larger and increase over time. The point, I want to focus on. In today's economy, the framework has become too successful, we have the ability to make all the stuff (material) we need, in many cases, we are creating excess amounts. This means the V variable in the equation takes most, if not all the responsibility to contribute to 'making progress'. What happens? V spins, faster and faster and given the phyical nature of the cash, even digital cash this is creating an artificial sped up pace for economic life. We still are reving up the V, it seems to be still responding but the externalities are evident for all to see, from personal health to environmental imbalance.

Is there a way out? Yes, let assume we replace M with A. We replace Money with Attention. Attention is much lighter than cash (even digital cash). It is happy to spin quick, it can even spin at levels unimaginable to M. Given attention is human focused, the higher the rate of attention speed the better the social and I would speculate the wider environmental harmony will be put in place.

The intellectual equations are the easy part. However, I see plenty of evidence society is creating the necessary moves to allow A, Attention to replace money.