Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Social networks beats Search (more)

A saying I use a lot these days. I have written about this before on one of my blogs but I had not thought deeper about why this would be the case. I think I have an answer.

I made the point last time that by using the term, 'social network' I was not referring exclusively to web2.0 websites, they are still at a primitive stage of evolution. I mean the personal interactions with individuals, whether be in person, land line or online call, email etc. It is that social network that find s the best information. People, people in the network are processing information that I do not have. People have great processing abilities and we can input impressive amounts of data from our senses, sight dominating information flow to the brain but all the other senses contribute. A machine + a bit of software code, is not on this level, well not yet. But even when they are it will be the priorities set by our social network interactions that biases the rules by which we want to receive information on. Our Senses give the social network the lead over key word search processing power.

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