Friday, January 26, 2007

Profit on the march

Today's use of the word profit has a definition that has become too narrow; money left after sales income minus expenditures. This is an extremely narrow definition. In Volition Science the word 'profit' is defined a lot broader, profit includes intellectual capital creation. This is a much more natural definition of the word.

Society is quite happy for a monetary value to be placed on commercial activities, mainly with a material object is at stake, e.g. a car to a human in a recruitment business. The one area where an Intangible services is making high monetary profits is online with targeted ad's. In effect the companies serving up these links are selling our attention data. Conclusion, the current world is expanding the meaning of profit, the first little steps and as the volume of attention data expands then that in itself will be where this expand profit definition will take hold. What will be the new currency after money? Influence?, it will be an intangible but as measurable as cash is today but the big difference being the biggest profits will be had in services derived from intellectual capital, the thoughts in your head minus the thoughts is another persons head. Step by step this will become the norm.

Profits natural definition and meaning is to value life, not physical token of exchange we call money, cash, cheques, digital cash etc.

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