Friday, September 23, 2005

Consumer Information

My fascination with information really got started when studying Economics at The University of Aberdeen. I quickly realized the answer to the question that all economics starts with: How to allocate scarce resources? answer was to provide perfect information to the end point of consumption, I.e. to the consumer.

Before my University days I had started to think about how our small family business fitted into the wider economy and what impact it was having on the planet? I would spend holidays carrying hardwood mahogany into customers homes and then go home at night and listen to the news that another area of Amazon rainforest the size of Wales had been lost. Two separate world's, surely? However, with education and better information I quickly realized the connection. The rest of my University days and now entrepreneurial career are driven by realizing this goal of delivering perfect information to consumers.

We all have to consume? Food and water are the daily basics but beyond these rudimentaries of life our economy has expanded vastly to produce an enormous selection of goods and services. Before the act of consuming a product we all consume information but what information?

This blog is dedicated to exploring, questioning and providing practical help that will enable consumers to make real time decisions based upon perfect information.

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