Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Consumer D.I.Y. search

We have great entrepreneurs and teams building great search services for us consumers. Making life just that little bit more convenient online. Some of us, hopefully all with time will see the logic of searching by focusing on education pre, during and after a search experience.

Kaboodle.com are equipping us consumers with an online service that enables us to stitch together our own comparison shopping experience. You use their service in harmony with your choice of search engine(s). However, once you have found information you want to remember or to compare against other products they allow you to save it to your own webpage. This allows us consumers to compare information independent of the source website. This is a big deal. As us consumers know for certain their is no bias in presenting this information as we have total control over what is included.

The power of this service takes legs when put in a social community context. Post your searches to the community and benefit from using searches from like minded souls from the community who have made posts to explore new search areas. Key to this is the visualization of trust of community members.

There is going to be a massive amount of innovation in this space I feel. Pre web 2.o days I prototyped a toolbar at www.ecotorch.com to allow consumers to set up shopping templates and then to gather information from any website and then independent of any website the consumer can educate, compare or visualize the search results to assist them make informed decisions. I turned this idea into the concept of a ConsumerPlayer.

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