Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Life Capitalism - Future looking supply chains

Profits = Personalization

Businesses and eventually all businesses will be able to deliver products in speeds reaching real time. However, this does not guarantee profits, probably quiet the opposite. The new incentive will be to eliminate or manage this risk. Future looking supply chains will be the tool. Ironically, the success of this economy will not be gained by the supply chain. It will be from its complementary partner in Monetary Capitalism, the Demand Chain. I never thought thinking of two chains was particularly useful and if we continue to think in those terms a lack of profits will flow your way. Demand, what is demand? An individuals, groups of individuals that want to do or consume some thing right now in the world or plan to do that in some point in the future, a second from now to days, weeks or even years ahead.

This demand sets up future looking supply chains, demand will be used as the currency to use Personalization In Time (PIT) tools that maximise those businesses servicing demand. The better you do this the higher the profits and the lower the risk of manufacturing, whether that be information, products, services or thoughts.

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