Friday, June 01, 2007

Creation chains (demand and supply retire)

1991-1995 I studied economics at The University of Aberdeen. If you had said to me then, that in little over 10 years years time, we would start to question and then retire demand and supply curves from the teaching of economics, I probably won't have believed you.

It is clear that this is what the next stage of capitalism will demand. The Internet has given capitalism a new currency to expand its reach with, information. This bottoms up approach to capitalism focuses on creating an economy that focuses on sustaining life. The mechanism it will choose to 'allocate' resources will be creation chains. JIT time applied to the future. Monetary capitalism biased itself towards supply chains, where JIT of that supply chain being the holy grail.

Economies of scale, was a friend of supply chains. In creation chains they will increase costs.

The division of labour led to specialisation, but due to primitive communications those conversation became, in effect talking to yourself. Collaboration will allow all to communicate with all required in creation chains.

Commodity market, created monetary markets, that created derivatives of both to try and model the real word is saw. The Internet sees all that happen when people author to the internet. Money has a competition, its the incumbent but sure to be replaces in time.

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