Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pinko marketing = telling the truth

Tara Hunt gave a thoughtful presentation at the Attention Trust last night. What is PinkoMarketing? To me it is all about telling the truth. Tara sets out 5 guiding rules/principles guiding this new era of marketing:

1. Listening, listen to your customers, no out bound messages required whether they be advertisements on television, online or email etc.

2. Be community advocates, help your customers by listening to their feedback by participating with them

3. 100% authenticity, live with the highest of ethics

4. Think small, customers in the end of the day are individuals

5. Open source principles, empowering of individuals, no silos of data, no wall gardens to restict information flowing to the customer.

Tara is giving inspiring leadership as we enter this new era of honest information.

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